Antler Force 2018

Congratulations to our Antler Force leadership team this coming year!

Drum Majors:  Tessa Seifried, Emily Tanner, Arich Fruehling

Flutes:  Abby Limley, Sydney Burright

Clarinets: Aubri Gerdes, Emily Severin

Bass Clarinets: Eden Thompson

Alto Saxes: Nolen Miller, Aislin McClarnon

Tenor Saxes: Izzi Oestmann

Bari Saxes: Javier Moran Peña

Trumpets: Evan Johnson, Quin Sexton

Horns: Anna McCaslin

Trombones: Dylan Miller, Jacob Ostler, Andy Zhang

Baritones: Mia Giandinoto, Jack Shanno

Tubas: Killian O’Rourke

Percussion: Tanner Pfeil, Trinity Thompson, Ellis Perdue

Guard: Madie Dragoo



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