Concert Reviews

The Concert Review assignment is an ongoing project to encourage students to be active members of the music community in Omaha.  It is impossible to be a great musician unless you LISTEN TO OTHERS!  With that in mind, EHS Band students are asked to complete 3 concert reviews during each school year.  They can be done early anytime (want to go to 3 concerts in August?  Fine!) but will be due on the following dates:

Review # 1- December 18, 2013

Review #2- March 13, 2014

Review #3- May 9, 2014

The reviews can be on almost any musical show- concert band, orchestra, jazz ensemble, country or rock group, choir, middle school concert, musical, drum corps, honor band performance, etc.  However, the three reviews should be from different styles!  In other words, please don’t turn in three reviews on three different middle school concerts.  Get out and about, and experience some of the great music our community has to offer!

Here is the link for the review form:concert review

If you are looking for a concert or event to attend, here is a listing of SOME of the concerts going on in the Omaha Area.  If you know of an event you think might be good to include here, please send feedback!  Details about location, cost, etc. are included if you click on the calendar, as long as they are known.


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