Pep Band

At EHS, we want to support our athletic teams and build school spirit.  To do that, we split into two pep bands each year, and play at several games throughout the year.  Please check out which pep band you are in by clicking here:

Pep Bands will be posted in the FALL

Each pep band is assigned 3 performances throughout the year.  You are required to attend those performances, just as you would a concert.  If you are going to miss one, you MUST find a sub, and fill out a sub trade form located by Mr. Rom’s office.  Signing up to sub for someone contracts you to that game.  You may also play for additional games as part of the other pep band for letter points!  This is a fun and easy way to get closer to lettering!

In addition to our regular season games, we will try to play for any post season games that our teams make it to.  These games are TBA, and the pep bands for them will be announced as soon as it can be determined.  It is a good idea to keep the postseason games on your schedule, just in case we end up playing in them.  The full pep band schedule can be found on the calendar page.  Below is a quick listing for each pep band

        Red Pep Band                                 black pep band

  • Aug. 29- Vball                            October 17- Vball
  • Dec. 13- Bball                           Jan. 10- Bball
  • Jan. 21- Bball                           Feb. 14- Bball

Here are the possible tournament days for each sport.  Either or both pep band can be called upon to play on these days.  All Times and locations are TBA:

Volleyball: October 30, November 7,8,9

Football: Fridays, starting November 1st, through Thanksgiving

Girls Basketball: Late February TBD

Boys Basketball: Early March TBD

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